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Software release planning with a visual interface

Release[Board] simplifies deployment planning & management through the use of a simple interface.

Releases are laid out in a straightforward timeline. Select a release from the timeline, and easily edit its scheduling details, features and release day tasks.

Increase team collaboration

Encouraging an Agile Development environment, Release[Board] allows all team members to monitor scheduling & feature changes.

Team members also have the ability to report development progress as features are added to the code base.


Communicate deployment goals & progress

Want QA to know when to start testing? How about keeping the marketing team up to speed with new features?

Team collaborators receive email notifications alerting them of important scheduling items. Stay connected with every member of your team without spamming their inbox.

View the history of previous software releases

Use the release timeline to get an overview of the agile process. Track the frequency & timing of deployments, the duration of common release tasks and review the details of your project's feature development.

Real time dashboard to ensure a smooth deployment

Add release day tasks at any point during development. The dashboard acts as a step by step release day guide. Proceed through your scheduled release tasks and the dashboard will update projected completion time.

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